LED Lighting Product Introduction

With electrical efficiencies many times that of traditional incandescent lamps and fluorescent tubes, LED lighting products are already replacing traditional forms of general indoor and outdoor lighting in many areas. Having the advantages of not only lower power consumption but also longer life, lower maintenance and ability for intelligent control, LED illumination will become the future lighting product of choice in today’s ever increasing environmentally conscious world.

In facing this rapidly expanding LED lighting product application area, Holtek’s many years of analog and digital IC design experience has enabled it to release a full range of LED lighting driver devices capable of meeting the power IC demands of LED lighting products. Complementing these lighting drivers are also Holtek’s other devices such as 8-bit MCUs, analog devices, touch switches, wireless remote devices and interface products all of which combine together to offer LED lighting product designers a total Holtek IC device solution for their LED commercial lamps and other LED lighting systems.

Holtek’s range of LED lighting drivers are supplied with a choice of design topologies and include a wide range of functions. Features such as wide input voltage range, overcurrent, overvoltage and short circuit protection, multiple dimming types, PFC correction and integrated power MOS components, ensure a minimum amount of external components are required for LED lighting driver implementation. By combining these lighting driver devices with Holtek’s 8-bit microcontrollers and other Holtek peripheral devices, lighting product designers have the ability to construct energy efficient intelligent lighting solutions to meet the demands for todays environmentally friendly lighting applications such as indoor and outdoor area lighting, mood lighting, emergency lighting to name but a few.